stand with planned parenthood

My dear friend and Political Carnival co-editor, Paddy Kraska, passed away nearly two years ago (!), and I still grieve for her. I still miss her every single day. She was a fighter who inspired me to be one, too.

Well, today her brother sent me a gift: A graph that he put together, one that debunks the bogus abortion graph the way Cecile Richards did at that sham disguised as a Planned Parenthood hearing. As Paddy would have said, “Bite me, ‘Americans United for Life.'” 

Here’s his version from, as he put it, “Americans Who Know How to Make a Graph.”

planned parenthood chart, Chris Kraska

And just for good measure, here’s your Daily Dose of Amazing Snarkage, courtesy of Lady Parts Justice:

planned parenthood chart snark Ladyparts justice