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Here’s a press release that I got in an email from my pal at RH Reality Check. Bolding is mine:

New Investigation Finds Widespread Use of Bogus Science
in Reproductive Health Policy

(Washington, DC) A new investigation by RH Reality Check (RHRC) details the widespread use of discredited research and distorted data in the promotion of an anti-choice policy agenda. The investigation, titled “False Witnesses,” closely examines public records and published work of several groups and individuals, revealing that many of their scientific and medical claims have been publicly discredited – yet they continue to receive taxpayer dollars from state politicians seeking to roll back abortion rights.

“Our research led us to a small group of individuals – doctors, professors and researchers with impressive credentials – who appear knowledgeable and qualified to testify on reproductive health issues, yet promote an anti-choice policy agenda with little regard to science or facts,” said Sharona Coutts, RHRC Vice President of Investigations and Research. “Like yesterday’s Big Tobacco and today’s climate change denialists, they produce and promote bogus science and attempt to create the illusion of dissent or doubt over peer-reviewed research. They develop ‘research findings’ to suit a specific ideology and cite each other to bolster their claims. Then they employ scare tactics, all with the goal of limiting access to reproductive health care.”

RHRC’s investigation found that state politicians across the country have spent at least $657,000 in fees for so-called “expert witnesses” whose work has been publicly discredited. Such testimony has been used to justify the passage of legislation and the creation of numerous policies limiting access to abortion services, despite the implications for public health and human rights.

“The anti-choice movement has long promoted the idea that abortions harm women’s physical and mental health, despite all evidence to the contrary,” said Jodi Jacobson, RHRC Editor-in-Chief. “But in recent years, anti-choice state politicians have increasingly and purposefully used so-called ‘experts’ who will defend and promote policies based on these false assumptions. In pursuit of their political goal of restricting abortion, they are perpetuating misinformation. But the result is far worse than just bad science – it’s bad public policy and bad health care with profound implications for the health and rights of people throughout the United States.”

With the Republicans owning Congress, to say we have our work cut out for us is an enormous understatement.

heavy sigh