Turkish Journalist Sedef Kabaş Faces 5 Years in Prison for Her Tweet

Image Hurriyet Daily News   Midnight Express is on my list of most powerful movies seen young, so maybe I'm adding a layer of horror … but I don't believe an extra one is necessary. Just add a local lady journalist with a problem with blatant corruption. Despotların cesur seslere gözdağı vermek için kasten hedef aldığı @SedefKabas 'la dayanışmak üzere mesajı paylaşalım! pic.twitter.com/aldkoXjvdK — Kazım Cingöz (@Cingz053) January 19, 2015 No journalist should have to defend herself like this: “Turkey must not busy itself with my tweets. We must consider on whether there is a corruption or not.” [...]