6-21-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Public Hearings Day 4, Plus Bad SCOTUS Too

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   It was another devastating day of testimony as the House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol, today focusing on Trump's scheme to get states to throw out the legitimate electors to steal the election for him. We heard from AZ and GA officials-- The Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, and Georgia's top two election officials Gabe Sterling and Brad Raffensberger, all Republicans who understood that it's the Constitution over party and all stood [...]

9-28-20 Nicole Sandler Show – SCOTUS, POTUS, IRS, OMG, WTF with Elie Mystal & Barry W. Lynn

Download here or click below to play     Another week begins with the nation reeling from an over abundance of unbelievable news. Except in this era of Trump-imposed Opposite World, it's all sadly too believable. First D'ump nominates Amy Coney Barrett, the most worst choice possible to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. Then the NY Times drops a bombshell after getting access to 20 years of his tax records. Barry W. Lynn, former Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church & State and The Nation's Elie Mystal join in for a couple of important [...]

8-18-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Oh My God!

Rev. Barry Lynn returns to the show with a new collection of his articles, speeches and testimony dealing with the separation of church and state. Great timing after John Oliver's epic takedown of televangelists on Sunday. Plus, journalist Will Bunch on the Trump phenom and more!

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