I guess Jared Leto was the loser in the picture above because Bradley Cooper’s arms weren’t long enough to get Leto- standing next to Jennifer Lawrence- in this record-breaking selfie tweeted out by Ellen DeGeneres.

But I’m pretty confident in saying that anyone who was in the general proximity of that shot is one of society’s “winners”. I’d guess none of them is worried about paying their rent or where their next meal is coming from or even how they’ll put their kid through college.

That’s the winner vs. loser conversation that’s more important than who allegedly did a better acting job than someone else in a big budget Hollywood movie.

There are also lots of losers whenever any country mobilizes its military, and the only “winners” are the government contractors who reap in the big bucks from weapon sales and scattered body parts. Sadly, the people in the Crimea region of Ukraine are waiting to see just how much they’ll lose due to Putin’s power fetish.

This morning, Digby joined me for a chat. We talked a lot about the situation over there and our politicians’ proclivity for hypocrisy. And a little bit about the Oscars.

I shared a Mother Jones piece by Kevin Drum, “Here’s What Is Going to Happen With Ukraine,” that’s certainly worth reading.

And, since it’s Monday, Nicole Belle joined in with “Fools on the Hill””

I often wonder if people know that they are on the wrong side of history, do they hold on to their denial and wrongness their entire lives? Did those who fought so hard for miscegenation laws ever come to grips with their racism?  Do the people who are fighting so hard right now against marriage equality think that they’ll one day be vindicated or are they aware that there’s a fairly good chance that at some point in the future, their grandchild will be sheepishly ashamed of their campaign and play it down?

Like, will George Will’s grandchildren feel embarrassed by his insistence that LGBT citizens fighting for their right to equal treatment are not being “neighborly”?

I don’t think Lindsey Graham will ever have grandchildren, but I really hope that his constituency is rolling their eyes at his confusing and illogical jabs at Obama’s supposed weakness at Putin and the Ukraine.

But wait, it gets better.  How Candy Crowley didn’t laugh in the face of Graham when he suggested that invading a sovereign nation is no way to bring democracy blows my mind.  After all his cheerleading for Iraq, this one segment should completely disqualify him from ever talking foreign policy ever again.

Maybe that idea of being continually on the wrong side of history is starting to eat at Chris Wallace.  Because he actually confronted Darrell Issa that he didn’t really have any evidence linking Hillary Clinton to Benghazi.

But  being wrong is such a natural state for Howard Kurtz.  So much so that when people like Stephen Colbert calls him out on it, he actually called out Colbert, saying even “fake” journalists have a responsibility to be truthy.  Irony much?