Scary Monsters & Super Creeps

It's Halloween, the one day each year the monsters come out among us.  Unfortunately, they're out every day in Washington DC doing their best to hurt the most vulnerable in society.  They usually masquerade as Republican members of Congress, but lately they seem to have taken off their masks. They're cutting $5 billion from the SNAP (food stamp) program, and trying to keep the poor, average person from getting decent health insurance at a reasonable price. The list goes on and on.... just remember, they're monsters. Big thanks to Chris Hayes for putting the spotlight on the food stamp cuts [...]

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Playing Russian Roulette with the Economy

Or, I suppose, American Roulette. Either way, we're fucked. It's great to be back at Radio or Not after a week of having to watch out for F-bombs on terrestrial radio.  We spent much of the first hour recapping the madness that ensued while I was gone last week.  Cliff Schecter joined in to help try to make sense of the insanity. And if it's Monday, we find out what ridiculous things politicians said and how the so-called journalists who moderate the Sunday shows let them get away with spewing bullshit in our Fools on the Hill™ segment with Nicole [...]

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