Thank goodness for good headline writers! Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing I’m applauding today.

On the show this morning, I realized just how totally FUBAR we are.  While the government is shut down over a manufactured crisis (yet, again), the people who’ve been silently suffering in this country continue unabated… and their numbers continue to grow.

Sasha Abramsky is an author and journalist who spent the last two years plus traveling the nation, seeking out the mostly-invisible poverty-stricken masses.  Unfortunately, what he found is hiding in plain site in every state in the nation, and no one in DC seems to give a damn.

In fact, in the last presidential election, I don’t recall either candidate ever discussing “the poor.”  Sure, we heard the “middle class” term thrown about a lot, but what they didn’t tell you is that the reason the middle class is shrinking is because they’re all becoming POOR!

Abramsky’s new book is called The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives.  Its companion website is The Voices Of Poverty.  Should you need some incentive to click on either of those links, just watch the “trailer” he produced:

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