The headline above could refer to any of the stories we covered today.

We started the show with my interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the world’s loudest, most passionate voices about the dangers of nukes – both weapons and power!  For decades, Dr. Caldicott has been educating the world, focusing on the grave danger posed to public health by radiation, by the contribution of nuclear power to global warming, and by the real capacity of nuclear weapons, technology, and waste, to render parts or all of the earth uninhabitable forever.

At, I read Dr. Caldicott’s articles about the dire situation at Fukushima.  I reached out to her in Australia, and we taped an interview this weekend.  I urge everyone to listen and share it, as the media is completely silent about the peril the planet is in due to the mess in Japan.

Scared enough?  Head over and sign the petition put up by Harvey Wasserman and imploring the UN and the world to step in and take control of the task of removing the  fuel rods from the damaged reactor.  To be continued…

Tomorrow is the beginning and could be the end….  It’s the day the “Obamacare exchanges” or Health Insurance Marketplaces finally go online!  I invited Jacki Schechner, formerly of the Stephanie Miller Show and, before that, of Health Care for America Now, to join in, give us some tips and allay some unfounded fears.

Of course, to hear Republicans in Congress talk, the opening of the exchanges will signal the end of the world. (For more info on that, I suggest you go back and listen to the interview with Dr. Caldicott again.)

But they are threatening to shut down the government if the Democrats don’t meet their demands.  This just might signal the end of today’s Republican Party which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Nicole Belle joined in, as she does every Monday morning, for Fools on the Hill: letting us know what went on during the Sunday talk shows.  Today, she brought us this:

I’m still processing the ending of Breaking Bad, so maybe looking for neat wrap-ups to problems is more than I can hope in today’s political climate.  Certainly, looking for the media to not play the “both sides do it” game is about as likely as Walter White getting off scot-free.  However, it is clear that some of them are a little tired of these games.

Bill Clinton, no stranger himself to crazy Republican plots to take down a presidency, marvels at the sheer insanity of the Republican Party today.  He’s never seen a party so determined to take down a country.

Bob Schieffer, for example, just flat out embarrasses Rand Paul over his understanding of how government works.

Chris Wallace of Fox freakin’ News even thinks that the House demands on the debt ceiling are “over the top”.

And even David Gregory told Ted Cruz that even though Obamacare has been legislated, adjudicated and voted on already, and that even Cruz’s 21 hour fauxlibuster stunt hasfailed to move anyone.

But that doesn’t stop Republicans with their ludicrous talking points.  Rep. Raul Labrador insisted that it’s not the Republicans that want the shutdown.  It’s the Democrats, and he knows this because the Republicans are not tweeting about it.  No, seriously.

And John Barrasso (of whom Mike Rogers has some very interesting things to say) told Candy Crowley that the Republicans are fighting so hard to protect Americans from that very scary prospect of single payer health care in the future.  Wait, what?  From your mouth to the president’s desk to sign into law.

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