“Every time you vote Republican, you probably are voting against your self-interest.” #CitizensUnited

Michael Hiltzik is a top notch columnist, and some of his readers who commented on a recent Los Angeles Times post of his apparently agree. He wrote about something that is destroying what's left of our democracy: Campaign finance, specifically the Supreme Court Citizens United decision that legally transformed corporations into people: In the wake of Citizens United, the voice of the ordinary citizen has all but disappeared from Capitol Hill. It doesn't matter whether the donors are Democrats or Republicans; money becomes a political interest on its own. Nor is it a virtue of Citizens United that it took contribution limits [...]

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When is Mr. Corporation “going to prison for the deaths of 8 people?”

True to form, the Los Angeles Times is making it impossible to find something on their website. However, in my morning paper, there was an excellent letter to the editor that I wanted to share, because our voices matter. As it turns out, the author is a Twitter pal of mine, @jonhartmannjazz. Here it is, verbatim: Re "Record fine proposed for PG&E," Business, Sept. 3 Since corporations are people, when is Mr. PG&E going to prison for the deaths of eight people? Jon Hartmann Los Angeles 'Nuff said. Kudos, Jon!  

Overturn Citizens United

Congresswoman Donna Edwards introduced a bill to do just that... Unfortunately, it's much easier introduced than passed. And considering it's Boner's House, it won't even come up for debate. This morning on the show, we started a new weekly feature with my friends at Main Street Insider.  Today, Jeremy Koulish joined me to talk about H. Res. 78 - the bill to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United, which affirms the ridiculous ideas that corporations are entitled to the same right as you and I to protections under the First Amendment. Each week, Main Street Insider offers up [...]

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What a Difference a Year Makes… Or Not!

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of a day I'd prefer to forget. Perhaps it's a good thing that I don't do a show on Fridays. But I'll suck it up and deal with it today. On the afternoon of January 21, 2010 the Supreme Court handed down their ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, a ruling that undid over 100 years of settled law regarding the financing of campaigns and opened the floodgates for corporate control of elections. Later that afternoon came word that Air America radio had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and ceased operations. No, it was not a [...]

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The Evil Bar Reaches New Highs (Lows)

We're just three weeks and a day away from election day.  I know, midterms don't excite the masses, and the Dems aren't exciting the base.  But the old adage of voting for the lesser of two evils should be on everyone's lips today. I'm in the process of moving in with my boyfriend who lives in Florida's 22nd Congressional District.  This place drives home the meaning of that statement.  I'm no fan of Ron Klein's... but not for the reasons the Republicans are telling me not to vote for him.  Klein is just too damned conservative for me.  However, one [...]

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We’re Having A Heat Wave…

And I haven't heard a peep from the climate change deniers who were screaming that the winter storms were proof that the earth was not warming. Perhaps they're drowning in their own sweat. Well, I'm in Florida where it's always hot and humid this time of the year.  But we're also witnessing very strange weather patterns. We're actually NOT going to talk about the weather today, though it is the lead story on just about every news report today! I'm once again guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show, and have another great slate of guests lined up. In the first [...]

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McChrystal Out. Now if we could only get out of Afghanistan…

He did it. The President actually showed some backbone and kicked McChrystal to the curb. Unfortunately, he put General David Petraeus back in to run the Afghanistan war theater; the same general who just last week said that the July 2011 date for beginning withdrawal of our troops was "nuanced." Grrr. We'll talk a bit about that on tonight's show.  And we've got a full slate of great guests joining in too. Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress returns from a few weeks off. She'll bring some of the stories we might otherwise have missed. Although BP was [...]

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It’s a Health Care Kind of Week

It figures. The week there's finally movement on health care reform, is when I'll be in NY and not doing my regular shows.  But that's OK... I'll be checking in regularly and hope you will too. Here's my schedule for this week. Tomorrow, take my kid to the doctor. It figures, I'm leaving tomorrow night, and she's running 102.5 fever. Why do kids have a knack for making life difficult? Anyway, after the doctor visit, I'll continue doing laundry, packing and getting ready for the aforementioned trip to NY. Tomorrow night I'll go see Craig Ferguson do stand up. And [...]

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