Congresswoman Donna Edwards introduced a bill to do just that… Unfortunately, it’s much easier introduced than passed. And considering it’s Boner’s House, it won’t even come up for debate.

This morning on the show, we started a new weekly feature with my friends at Main Street Insider.  Today, Jeremy Koulish joined me to talk about H. Res. 78 – the bill to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United, which affirms the ridiculous ideas that corporations are entitled to the same right as you and I to protections under the First Amendment.

Each week, Main Street Insider offers up another 90 second summary of a bill that’s already been introduced.



My fellow online radio host – in her case, co-host – Allison Killenny – has been doing an amazing job covering the goings on at Occupy Wall Street in NY, both on Citizen Radio and for The Nation and In These Times.  She was my guest in the second hour to talk about the Occupy movement.

And my SoFloRadio colleague Jorge Rodriguez, whose show follows mine weekdays at noon, visited to tell us what’s happening with Occupy Ft. Lauderdale

And, I couldn’t resist weighing in on last night’s Ultimate Fighting Match-Up in DC between a newly feisty Dickless Perry, the adamant Mittens Romney, the Surly Santorum , the Blasphemous Bachmann, the Gruesome Gingrich, the $9.99 Pizza Man Herb Cain, and the much- ignored Ron Paul.

More tomorrow with John Fugelsang and the American Dream movement’s Van Jones….