“Every time you vote Republican, you probably are voting against your self-interest.” #CitizensUnited

Michael Hiltzik is a top notch columnist, and some of his readers who commented on a recent Los Angeles Times post of his apparently agree. He wrote about something that is destroying what's left of our democracy: Campaign finance, specifically the Supreme Court Citizens United decision that legally transformed corporations into people: In the wake of Citizens United, the voice of the ordinary citizen has all but disappeared from Capitol Hill. It doesn't matter whether the donors are Democrats or Republicans; money becomes a political interest on its own. Nor is it a virtue of Citizens United that it took contribution limits [...]

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When is Mr. Corporation “going to prison for the deaths of 8 people?”

True to form, the Los Angeles Times is making it impossible to find something on their website. However, in my morning paper, there was an excellent letter to the editor that I wanted to share, because our voices matter. As it turns out, the author is a Twitter pal of mine, @jonhartmannjazz. Here it is, verbatim: Re "Record fine proposed for PG&E," Business, Sept. 3 Since corporations are people, when is Mr. PG&E going to prison for the deaths of eight people? Jon Hartmann Los Angeles 'Nuff said. Kudos, Jon!  

Rick Perry Sucks

I was talking about his politics in the headline - but, as they say, one picture a worth a thousand words!  It sure looks like Rick has a bit of experience in this type of sucking  (and quite a technique too). But his politics are truly frightening.  Think Progress offers a couple of clips from his appearances in Iowa that should make you realize what he's all about. In this clip, it certainly sounds as if Gov. Perry is suggesting a violent response to Ben Bernanke's policies: And in this one, he's asking for anarchy by saying we should impose [...]

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This Is Not My America

It would be really funny if it weren't so scary.  The tea baggers scream about their liberties being taken away - but they support the party that wants to do away with our 4th amendment rights to privacy, that wants to control who can marry whom, what a woman does with her own body, that wants to squelch voter's rights, that support the truly anti-democratic idea that corporations are people and money equals free speech... and many more liberty killing laws the right is trying to foist upon us. I've experience the assault on our freedoms personally. Arrested after attempting [...]

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