We’re Having A Heat Wave…

And I haven't heard a peep from the climate change deniers who were screaming that the winter storms were proof that the earth was not warming. Perhaps they're drowning in their own sweat. Well, I'm in Florida where it's always hot and humid this time of the year.  But we're also witnessing very strange weather patterns. We're actually NOT going to talk about the weather today, though it is the lead story on just about every news report today! I'm once again guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show, and have another great slate of guests lined up. In the first [...]

The President Went to the Gulf, and All We Got was a Lousy Speech!

I put my thoughts about the president's speech in writing last night. Just scroll down to yesterday's blog to read my anger.  Of course, on today's show, I had a bit more to say.  We listened back to some of the pertinent points and did some fact-checking too, with a little help from the AP. I also opened the phone lines and took some calls... We checked in with Harvey Wasserman, author of  Solartopia! whose latest missive, "Corporate Apocalypse vs. Solartopian Survival" is on FreePress.org and other sites today.  We spoke about what President Obama could have and [...]

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