I’ve often said we’d be much better off if we could just get the politics out of government. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon…

In recent years, Republicans have been better at political theater than the Dems, but some on the left are catching up. The Yes Men have been doing great political theater, mostly in the climate change arena. (Their latest film “The Yes Men Fix The World” is out today on DVD.)

The women of Code Pink have been active in this arena too, but recently seem to have learned a thing or two about the theater aspect of activism.

Earlier this week, Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans attempted a citizens arrest of Karl Rove, as he began his book tour in Los Angeles:

Code Pink & After Downing Street offer War Criminals Playing Cards for sale. Karl Rove is the Jack of Spades.

And just last week, Code Pink issued a very real looking fake press release from AIPAC saying that they had reversed their policy and called on Israel to freeze all future settlements.

Jodie Evans joined me last night on the program to talk about those actions, and the other work Code Pink is doing.

I was also joined by Gotta Laff who, along with her partner Paddy, writes the great blog The Political Carnival.  We discussed a few of the stories she covered yesterday, including the new Faux News TV show with Sarah Palin and their attempted hijacking of LL Cool J and Toby Keith interviews, the craziness that is Michelle Bachmann, Eric Cantor’s lies, and a lot more.

And in hour two, we talked about the Obama administration’s latest triangulation measures, this time lifting the three decades long ban on offshore oil drilling. Yesterday’s announcement came just a month after the president announced he’d free up over $8 billion in loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Last weekend was the 31st anniversary of Three Mile Island.  Harvey Wasserman, one of the founders of the No Nukes movement who is now a senior advisor to the Nuclear Information & Resource Service and Greenpeace USA, penned “YOU are Now Paying for the Next Three Mile Island,” joined me to talk about the latest flip in energy policy.