It’s a Tuesday that felt like a Saturday to me. That’s only because school’s out this week, so I have



my kid under foot. And my sister is in town for a photography event called After Dark. So, today, my daughter Alison and I headed down to South Beach where she was a model. My sister promised to turn her into a mermaid and a fairy. ‘Nuff said!

I’ll post the pictures when I get them back. In the meantime, here’s one I took with my cell phone while we were waiting… (Yes, there’s a reason my sister is the photographer, and I’m the broadcaster!)

Thankfully, I had a couple of great guests lined up for tonight’s show!

There’s certainly been no shortage of Sarah Palin in the news lately… from her incendiary rhetoric on the road to her odd choice of clothing at the McCain rally.  But definitely as disturbing, if not more, is the news that TLC (owned by parent company Discovery Communications, who also owns the Discovery Channel!) will pay over $1 million per episode for a new show to be called Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

The fact that Discovery, who’s always done such fine wildlife-focused work (they even own Animal Planet!) would build a show around this woman who gets off on shooting wolves from helicopters is a travesty.

Defenders of Wildlife sent out an email today, urging readers to send Discovery Communications a loud and clear message about this show.

Alaska blogger and broadcaster Shannyn Moore joined me tonight to talk about all the Sarah Palin stuff that just seems to get odder and more reprehensible by the day.

In hour two of tonight’s show, I spoke-for the first time- with blogger/broadcaster Bob Cesca! I’ve read his stuff on Huffington Post and his awesome blog for quite some time now, but tonight was the first time we’ve spoken.  The time flew by as we talked about radio and media in general, health care, the student loan bill that was passed with reconciliation, Sarah Palin (just can’t get away from her), Morning Joe, and a whole lot more.

We also talked about Teabonics!.. Click here to see examples of some of the signs displayed at the teabagging rallies.

Hear the show by clicking on the player at the top of this post, or watch me talking into the mic on the video page!  If you’re enjoying the show, I hope you’ll tell your friends about it. And come back tomorrow night, from 6-8pm ET! I’ll be speaking with Christy Harvey of MicCheckRadio and the Center for American Progress, GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, and Harvey Wasserman who’ll explain how you and I are paying for the next Three Mile Island.