From Rio with Love and Balls

This is the lead banner for Sunday's protest that was gassed by Brazil’s military police. June 15, 2014. (Photo by Dave Zirin) I am not a soccer fan. That makes me in the distinct minority among the world's population, as most of the planet is is in the throes of fútbol mania as the "FIFA World Cup" is underway in Brazil. My favorite sports writer, Dave Zirin of The Nation, has been ready for this global event for a while now, as he'd been working on his new book, Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, and [...]

Allen West’s Greatest Hits

I knew Allen West would stoop as low as he needs to go in order to try to win a second term in the US Congress.  Make no mistake, this man should be in a military brig, not on Capitol Hill. His latest despicable act comes in the form of an attack ad against his opponent, Patrick Murphy, which pits an arrest for underage drinking when Murphy was 19 against Allen West getting deployment orders on that same day in 2003. If we're going to hold teenage stunts against candidates, perhaps we should revisit Mitt Romney's homophobic antics in prep [...]

Political Theater, Political Carnival & Politics As Usual

I've often said we'd be much better off if we could just get the politics out of government. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen any time soon... In recent years, Republicans have been better at political theater than the Dems, but some on the left are catching up. The Yes Men have been doing great political theater, mostly in the climate change arena. (Their latest film "The Yes Men Fix The World" is out today on DVD.) The women of Code Pink have been active in this arena too, but recently seem to have learned a thing or two about [...]

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