It is April Fools Day and, to celebrate, I’ve invited some of the best political comics to join me on today’s Randi Rhodes Show. But before we get to the line-up, allow me to share with you some of today’s news items that should be April Fools pranks but, unfortunately, are not…

The DUH is emphasized in Florida, as a democrat is chastised on the House floor for daring to utter the work “uterus.

Mike Huckabee suggests that we’d be in a better place if only all Americans were forced, at gunpoint, to be indoctrinated by listening to some right wing evangelist.

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Sean Duffy complains that he can’t get by in his measly $174,000 salary!

Maine’s new dictator governor Paul LePage (R-eprehensible) admits that he probably shouldn’t have taken down the mural honoring labor from the Maine Dept. of Labor building… while there was a budget fight in progress.

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons under fire for killing an African elephant.

And Eric Cantor doesn’t have a clue… about how a bill becomes law, or anything else for that matter.

Now for the fun part!  Today – to finish up my week guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show, I have a bunch of people lined to get us to laugh about things that are inherently not funny:

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow is the creator of This Modern World which picks up and moves from its home at Salon to Daily Kos

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, who’s touring this summer in support of Planned Parenthood

Jamie Kilstein, who co-hosts Citizen Radio with his wife Allison Kilkenny, and is appearing Off-Broadway in Laughing Liberally

Andy Cobb is a comic actor, writer and director, probably best known for his work directing  a satirical video troupe of fellow alums of Chicago’s Second City

And my regular Thursday morning guest John Fugelsang – an Award-Winning Comedian who just returned from performing for US Troops in Central America & can also be seen off-Broadway in the progressive standup show ‘Laughing Liberally.’

Happy April Fools Day. No kidding!