The day the music died. A long, long time ago… Yes, 51 years ago today, a plane crash took some of rock and roll’s biggest names. But contrary to the song, the music still lives on.

I guess that’s the lesson we learn. Life does go on for those left behind. If we get no health care reform, life will continue, though the quality of life for millions of Americans will continue on a downhill slide, faster than any records we’ll see broken in Vancouver!

In case you’re wondering what’s up with health care reform, you’re not along… We’ll attempt to get some answers tonight on what the Democrats are planning, if anything.

Nancy Pelosi held a conference call with bloggers yesterday, and we’ll listen to some of the highlights.

We’ll get some first hand information too, from Congressman Raul Grijalva, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who’ll be with us at 6:30 ET to answer my questions.

And David Dayen, reporter & blogger for FireDogLake will bring us up to date with any other developments.

It all happens live from 6-8pm ET, and will be available for podcasting afterwards….