It’s Groundhog Day, and Puxatawnee Phil saw his shadow. Actually, living in South Florida, I welcome six more weeks of winter. I can do without the summer heat and humidity, thank you very much. You’re welcome to come visit any time…

Today was also the day that the Senate Armed Services Committee held its first hearings on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. We’ll share some of the audio tonight, which should reaffirm our opinion that John McCain is a doddering old fool and an asshole too.

Today was also the day that the Oscar nominees were announced. I love the movies, so we’ll check in with USA Today’s Claudia Puig as we run down the list.

And the Thursday is the “National Prayer Breakfast,” an event that’s probably unconstitutional and, since it’s put together by The Family, should be put out of its misery. I’ll speak with the guy who wrote the book on The Family, literally, Jeff Sharlett.

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