We’re heading for the home stretch. Thirteen days until election day.

Last night, Florida had its third and final gubernatorial debate, and all I can say is Thank Dog! I can’t stand either of our candidates, (though one of them is so heinously sickening that he makes the other look OK by default). There was no fan drama last night, but it was so ugly and nasty that I thought it was a couple of teenage girls going after each other.

Scott Brown debated incumbent Senator Jean Shaheen in New Hampshire last night. Although the polls show the race tightening, Brown elicited loud guffaws when he claimed that the reason he was running in NH is that he “lives there!”.

The surrogates are out in force too… Chris Christie was shilling for Republicans at a Chamber of Commerce event in Washington yesterday when he showed his true colors again, complaining that he’s sick and tired of hearing about the minimum wage.

I’m sick and tired of these blowhard, selfish pricks!

In the second hour of the show, Brad Friedman joined in from BradBlog to talk about the recent SCOTUS ruling on Polling Place Voter ID restrictions and how it will affect the Nov. 4 elections.

Although it sounds bad right now, Brad tells us there is a potential silver lining, and it’s coming from a Reagan-appointed, usually conservative judge named Richard Posner. Read the article about the complete about-face from the judge, the first to approve such a Photo ID law in the nation, and his stunning dissent .

I’ll be back tomorrow… with an eye on the situation in Ferguson as a potential non-indictment may come today in the shooting death of Mike Brown… radio or not.