head explode

This email was sent to me by a regular reader of mine, and will make your heads explode. Verbatim:

First, I live in one of the Tea Party strongholds of the nation in Southern Delaware.. Yes Delaware is the home of Joe Biden, but the lower part of the state is not Biden country. Also, I am disabled US Army Paratrooper.. not combat disabled, instead I learned that you cannot fight gravity.. so I have spinal issues and non-combat PTSD from the injury. Which means I shut-in, and most of the time if you saw me you would probably think I am homeless.

From what information I could find I thought I missed the absentee ballot timeframe, so I go to vote. I apologized for not having the registration card they sent, but I give the woman my ID.. my military ID. She looks at it and says, “you must have ID”. Confused I say that is ID.. she says.. “no valid government ID”.. more confused I explain that is a government ID, federal government.. This stumps her.. so she looks over and calls someone over… This “you must have valid ID” routine continues.. but this person goes on to define that for an ID to be valid it must have an address.. .. Which my reply was. this id gets me on airplanes.. and it is government ID.

The routine continues.. so I finally said.. “So I don’t get to vote”.. she asked the women at the desk if I was on the voter rolls.. ( they never checked because the ID thing). she says, “well do you have utility bill or something with your address”. So I just said “enough of this” and left.

The punchline to this story is that Delaware does not even require ID.. they can request, and if you don’t have one you sign a form and vote.. ( this I did not know until I started making calls when I got home.. ). And had they actually looked at my military ID they would have seen my status was permanently disabled veteran.. So no they didn’t thank me for my service.

One last point: Nobody who asked for my ID was wearing anything that identified them as poll workers.. I didn’t see any id on any of the people at the polling place.

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