How White House wannabes other than Trump spent their summer vacations

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst:HOW THEY SPENT THEIR SUMMER VACATIONSTime to yodel a big old welcome back to the same old grind from our too brief summer respite. And yes, that does include the umpteen- gazillion presidential candidates returning from their home districts with batteries and bank accounts recharged. With an emphasis on the moolah. Since the hot air dirigible that is Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the room like a warehouse full of vacuum cleaners the size of the Idaho, we here at Durstco figured folks might be interested in [...]

Moment of Snark: Bright side to the perpetual presidential campaign

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: BRIGHT SIDES TO THE PERPETUAL CAMPAIGN Easy to tell the end of summer the year before a presidential election is nigh, because that bothersome quadrennial buzzing noise is back. And no, we’re not talking about candidates riding the Tilt- A- Whirl at the Iowa State Fair after eating pork on a stick. Every four years, the nation reverberates with a low drone whine about the American presidential election process being too long. Not to mention demeaning, tortuous and more boring than watching varnish harden. You got to be kidding. This [...]

#Trump “makes Sarah Palin look like a sober distinguished parliamentarian.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: RUMPUS TRUMPUS CHUMPUS For all those bemoaning the lack of noise in the Republican presidential sweepstakes it’s time to get down on our knees and give thanks to Donald Trump because whatever that man touches turns to loud. He’s the gift that keeps on blaring. Has all the delicate innuendo of concrete curtain rods. Not just a loose cannon, more like a loose aircraft carrier. To say the campaign of the self- appointed captain of the S.S. Birther got off to a rocky start is like intimating that transatlantic telecommunications [...]

“And Republicans wonder why they can’t attract black voters.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: DIXIE MACARONI Since reintroduced on the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol in 1961 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, the Confederate Flag has been the source of controversy with a regularity approaching that of a Madonna comeback album. Sadly, it has been thrust into the news once more because some kid who loved it went crazy and committed an atrocity. A racially charged atrocity. Yes. Again. Proponents of the flag fiercely insist it is not a racist symbol of slavery but a banner [...]

“Easy to imagine Fox News blaming the Vatican for Benghazi.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: RED POPE GREEN POPE He gets under their skin like termites in a boathouse. Drives them crazier than Hillary Clinton and Yoko Ono dancing on a gay pride parade float. He’s the itch you can’t scratch. The thorn in the palm of their paw. The 3- inch scratch on their favorite Ted Nugent album. Talking about that hot new Catholic sensation, Pope Frankie. At first it was his general commie pink yellow rat bastard predilection for focusing on the poor. “The poor. The poor. Why is it with him, always [...]

“So, what we really need is for Julian Assange to go after Mark Zuckerberg.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE USA FREEDOM ACT Q. What’s the darn deal with the USA Freedom Act? A. It is sort of a Patriot Act Lite. They removed the razor coil that was strangling the 4th Amendment and replaced it with barbed wire. Q. Why was Congress in such a hurry to pass it? A. Several surveillance provisions of the Patriot Act were about to expire. The desperation was so acute they held a session on Sunday. Q. So they came right after church? A. Politics is their only [...]

A sampling of this week’s political carnage

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: THIS WEEK IN POLY TICKS And now for your weekly update in the world of poly ticks. Run for your lives, people, because it’s complete chaos out there. In the pre- summer rush to wrangle positive press; current presidential candidates, potential presidential candidates, former presidential candidates, former presidents, and current presidents are viciously competing for track space in a freakish spectacle of careening into walls and spinning out of control like souped- up bumper cars during a power surge. To say it is not a pretty sight is similar to [...]

Top 11 Reasons Being POTUS is So Darn Cool

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: TOP 11 REASONS BEING POTUS IS SO DARN COOL As it appears we’re smack dab in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign announcement season, this might be the perfect time to ask the question on every American’s lips: what kind of twisted psychopath chooses to do this? Who are these people that are so all fired up to enter this soul- sucking fray just to sit in an Office that is Oval? Masochists? Sadists? Sadomasochists? Masosadochists? Folks who didn’t pay attention during any previous election? As we ravenous hounds [...]

“Bruce Jenner shocked the world by going on TV to announce that he is … a Republican”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: TAB A INTO SLOT B For many, it was an apocryphal moment. One which will be remembered for a lifetime. Exactly where we were and what we were doing when Bruce Jenner shocked the world by going on television to announce that he is … a Republican. And oh yeah, the transgender thing was sort of a big deal too. A Republican. Can’t wait until Bruce tries to use the bathroom at the GOP National Convention next year and encounters a series of shoulders so cold, the resulting steam coming [...]

Rubio has “the gravitas of dandelion fuzz.” That and more on the 2016 Presidential Derby!

Image via  DonkeyHotey Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: BOLTING COLTS & WAGGING NAGS “And They’re Almost Off.” Yes, the entrance to the 2016 Presidential Derby has officially been flung open wider than the gap between George Bernard Shaw and Pee Wee Herman. Backstage at the Bolshoi Ballet and the snack bar adjacent to the Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Fame gift shop. Horseshoes and mirrors. At the Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire, various contenders staggered out to the starting gate testing the footing of the track with cries of trainers still ringing in their [...]

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