Voter ID, Schmoter ID: “You’d think GOP was organizing competitive kitten clubbings. Again.”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: ONE MAN. ONE VOTE. Whiners. Bounders. Ingrates. Talking about the incessant griping and sniping currently buzzing over long overdue Republican reforms requiring citizens to produce a government issued ID before casting a vote. From the outcry you’d think the GOP was organizing competitive kitten clubbings. Again. Oh for crum’s sakes, settle down people. It’s just an ID. You need one to fly or buy or ply or even take out a library book. What is wrong with insuring the integrity of the electoral process? This isn’t voter suppression, it’s voter [...]

The Super Secret Summer Summit with a Bunch of Kochs

Yesterday, on the Randi Rhodes Show, I was joined by my pal Brad Friedman who told us all about his story - with actual audio - from the top secret retreat hosted by those far from fabulous Koch Brothers in June.  Well, almost all about it.  Part two of the story hit the fan this morning, and Brad joined me to talk about the super surprise and top secret (until today) keynote speaker Chris Christie. He'll also come back on Randi's show this afternoon. This morning, I also spoke with The Nation's Ari Berman - this time about a piece [...]

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