The Revolution Is Televised

Yesterday I was a bit in awe of the appeared to be a peaceful revolution unfolding before our eyes in Egypt. Unfortunately, it's no longer peaceful.  All accounts point to the pro-Mubarak faction as being paid thugs, and their actions set in motion by the Mubarak regime. Sharif Kouddous, the senior producer for Democracy Now, just tweeted I can't get back in to Tahrir. Mubarakite thugs have created a riot at the main entrance. Very hostile asmosphere. What has been fascinating and even somewhat uplifting to watch may soon descend into something very difficult to watch.  But, contrary to what [...]

Taking it To The Streets

It's Tuesday... and the world is restless. Of course, the big story is in Egypt where today millions are expected to take to the streets for the "March of Millions". It's amazing to watch history in the making. As I wrote yesterday, Al Jazeera is providing some of the best coverage, along with Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now."  Senior Producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous was born and raised in Egypt, and returned to cover the revolution (that's what it is, right? A peaceful revolution!). Democracy might just be spreading like wildfire through the middle East in the wake of the Egyptian [...]

Walking Like Egyptians

Wondering what it would take to get Americans walking like Egyptians these days. According to a report I saw numerous times on Al Jazeera English this weekend, the conditions that led to Egyptians taking to the streets to take control of their government are much like what we are experiencing here in US these days: High unemployment, growing poverty, huge divide between the rich and the poor, too many "businessmen" in government.  Seriously. I had the honor of being a guest on Thom Hartmann's TV show, "The Big Picture" Thursday evening to talk about the plight of the 99ers. Interesting, [...]

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