It’s Tuesday… and the world is restless.

Of course, the big story is in Egypt where today millions are expected to take to the streets for the “March of Millions”. It’s amazing to watch history in the making. As I wrote yesterday, Al Jazeera is providing some of the best coverage, along with Amy Goodman and “Democracy Now.”  Senior Producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous was born and raised in Egypt, and returned to cover the revolution (that’s what it is, right? A peaceful revolution!).

Democracy might just be spreading like wildfire through the middle East in the wake of the Egyptian uprising.  We heard of people taking to the streets in Sudan, Jordan and Yemen, following the overthrow of the government in Tunisia.  This morning comes news that in Jordan, King Abdullah has dismissed the Government of Prime Minister Samir Rafai and asked a former Army general to form a Cabinet. Abdullah’s move comes after a series of demonstrations by thousands of Jordanians called for Rifai’s resignation amidst rises in fuel and food prices and a lack of political reform.

To be continued…

Here on the home front, things are quite crazy too… Another huge winter storm will hit most of the country, and this time it’s not limited to the Atlantic seaboard, as 30 states are under a winter storm warning today.  Chicago is expecting up to 20 inches of snow, and travel is already disrupted in most cities.  Officials say the blizzard could impact a swath of land 2000 miles long! Snowmageddon #14?

And just when you thought it was almost safe to go to the doctor, a federal judge in Flori-DUH has declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. So now it will head to the Supreme Court, where 5 votes will decide its fate. Remind you of something (Bush v Gore?).

As listener JonG40 emailed this morning,

Judges like this are why it’s important to support Obama for reelection if the primary challenger loses.  Presidents nominate all federal judges not only SCOTUS judges.  Most SCOTUS judges are promoted that’s why a ‘non judge’ perspective leading to Elena Kagan’s nomination was an issue.  Short term impact will enable Gov. ‘Crook’ Scott to delay compliance with Affordable Care Act mandates to start state insurance exchanges and try to include the urgent care centers he owns in the exchanges as a ‘legislative hostage’ like Repubs with the debt ceiling increase or the tax cuts for the rich..

Some of the conditions that led to the discord in Egypt are seen here in the US as well: massive unemployment, growing divide between the rich (who are getting much richer) and the poor, who are growing in number, and an abundance of businessmen in government who seem blind to the needs of the people.  Just food for thought.

Our friend Brent Budowsky has begun a series of columns for The Hill:

that will propose that progressive populist Democrats and conservative populist Republicans unite behind new economic policies that I will call patriotic capitalism.

Brent will join us this morning to talk about the things we can do to fix this country before it hits the breaking point.

In hour two, after an update from the TRNS, we’ll have our weekly visit with The Political Carnival’s Gotta Laff, who will bring us some non-Egypt related stories including

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