The Day Before Thanksgiving

I'd certainly be thankful if President Obama would state, unequivocally, that the peaceful, non-violent protesters have a constitutional right to assemble and speak out about whatever bothers them. And more importantly, he needs to state that the recent pepper spray attacks and other violence perpetrated upon the protesters by law enforcement officers is WRONG, and must stop now. In the meantime, if you'd like your own military-grade pepper spray, you can get it on  Just check out the hundreds of product reviews like these: 3,702 of 3,764 people found the following review helpful: Accept no substitutes when casually repressing students, November [...]

From Tahrir Square to UC Davis, It’s Newt’s Kind of World

There's a lot of these going around.  By these, I mean Fun with Photoshop™ pictures of Pepper Spraying Pike - the UC Davis cop responsible for this piece of tragedy: The chicken shit cop with the pepper spray is one UC Davis police Lt. John Pike - who reportedly makes a base salary of $116,454!  And you wonder why your tuition is so high. Although the coward has been suspended pending an investigation into the matter,  he's being mocked in quite creative ways by people armed with a peaceful tool known as Photoshop!  Some of my faves...   and [...]

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The Revolution Is Televised

Yesterday I was a bit in awe of the appeared to be a peaceful revolution unfolding before our eyes in Egypt. Unfortunately, it's no longer peaceful.  All accounts point to the pro-Mubarak faction as being paid thugs, and their actions set in motion by the Mubarak regime. Sharif Kouddous, the senior producer for Democracy Now, just tweeted I can't get back in to Tahrir. Mubarakite thugs have created a riot at the main entrance. Very hostile asmosphere. What has been fascinating and even somewhat uplifting to watch may soon descend into something very difficult to watch.  But, contrary to what [...]

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