Yesterday I was a bit in awe of the appeared to be a peaceful revolution unfolding before our eyes in Egypt. Unfortunately, it’s no longer peaceful.  All accounts point to the pro-Mubarak faction as being paid thugs, and their actions set in motion by the Mubarak regime.

Sharif Kouddous, the senior producer for Democracy Now, just tweeted

I can’t get back in to Tahrir. Mubarakite thugs have created a riot at the main entrance. Very hostile asmosphere.

What has been fascinating and even somewhat uplifting to watch may soon descend into something very difficult to watch.  But, contrary to what Gil Scott-Heron said, the revolutions will all be televised going forward.

Democracy in action? Actually, that would be the electoral process… and the race is on for 2010.  The BlueAmerica PAC – known for picking the best truly progressive candidates – has already endorsed their first congressional candidate for 2010.  Nicholas Ruiz III is running here in Florida’s 24th district for the second time.  He’s challenging incumbent reactionary teabagger Sandy Adams, and he’ll join us this morning.

I’ll also speak with comedian, writer, producer and co-creator of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead, who’s been on top of the story in Egypt and will surely have a few things to say about what’s happening there… and here.