1-20-16 Nicole Sandler Show – The Clash Over Campaign Cash

It's a busy day on the show, as Nicole Sandler hosts The Clash over Campaign Cash, a debate between Move to Amend's David Cobb and Shaun McCutcheon, who won his suit claiming aggregate limits on the amount of money an individual can contribute to a political party or the number of Federal candidates is unconstitutional at the Supreme Court. In the first hour, Nicole welcomes Tim Canova, the law professor and political activist challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the primary. And Deborah Newell joins in for our Wednesday morning dip into the Oy FloriDUH files too.

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Pachyderms Lumber Into Line For the ‘Free’ GOP Gold

Cartoon via TruthDig.com   Quantity versus quality? What a waste of ill-gotten USD. For a 'political party' that publicly disdains Free Stuff (like basic nutrition and shelter for the folk they happily let languish in poverty and Social Security earned by those who worked two or three jobs to get their families by), Republican presidential candidates are lining up for campaign lucre with vulgar dispatch. And in vomitus variety and number. It appears that the loudest dog whistle of all for the Right Wing, is the one that alerts them to bags and bags of available campaign cash [...]

Shit Happens

As I explained in my previous post, I had a little fender bender yesterday. Thankfully, no one was hurt- but what a stupid, boneheaded move on my part. I was rushing to get to Randi's studio, was impatient, and couldn't stop quickly enough when I realized the cars in front of me where stopped dead. As much as I needed the money I'd get for filling in for Randi, unfortunately it will all go to pay my deductible for the damage, and then some. In addition, my main computer's hard drive is going, so I'll need to replace it - [...]

Running… or Not

Election Day is nine months away, but we have some big election news, centering on a few non-traditional candidates who have decided to run for public office. Rumored for a while now, this morning Clay Aiken (yes, that Clay Aiken), made it official. He's running for Congress from North Carolina. His candidacy was officially announced via this video Although my initial reaction upon hearing the rumors was disdain, I'm truly impressed with this video and think I may have jumped too quickly to a negative conclusion. Stay tuned. This week, we'd been hearing the rumblings of a possible congressional run [...]

On Death and Democracy

Four years ago today, we took a double hit on democracy. The Supreme Court issued its ruling on Citizens United vs FEC, and in one fell swoop, undid a century of campaign finance law and opened the floodgates for special interests to buy influence. Since then, a number of groups have mobilized, creating a movement toward a constitutional amendment to overturn this ruling that undermines democracy. United for the People is an umbrella group comprised of the many organizations fighting to fix this monetary mess. One of the groups, Move to Amend, produced a documentary, Legalize Democracy, that will air [...]


It is Valentines Day, after all. I'll be taking the next few days off... heading out to California for the 15th annual Sunset Sessions. The wonderful Shane-O will be filling in for me the next few days, and I'll be back next Tuesday morning, fresh from the red eye flight back home. Today on the show, I spoke with Jean Altomore of 350.org about the GOP Keystone XL pipeline amendment they added to the transportation bill that will be voted on today.  Go to 350.org/kxl and sign the petition to stop it now! Lee Fang joined me from his new [...]

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This Is Not My America

It would be really funny if it weren't so scary.  The tea baggers scream about their liberties being taken away - but they support the party that wants to do away with our 4th amendment rights to privacy, that wants to control who can marry whom, what a woman does with her own body, that wants to squelch voter's rights, that support the truly anti-democratic idea that corporations are people and money equals free speech... and many more liberty killing laws the right is trying to foist upon us. I've experience the assault on our freedoms personally. Arrested after attempting [...]

The Final Stretch

We have just over a week before election day, and things are getting nastier by the minute. On today's show, I'll be joined by one of the few progressive heroes in Congress - Raul Grijalva - who is in serious danger of losing his seat. On Thursday, Grijalva's Tucson office was evacuated Thursday when a staffer opened an envelope containing a plastic bag of white powder and two pieces of paper with swastikas written on them. Nice, huh?  Yes, it's ugly out there... But we'll start the show with Jason Leopold of Truthout, who spent the weekend poring over the [...]

“What I Believe Is Irrelevant” & Other Political Jokes

"What I believe Is irrelevant" is a direct quote from Christine "I'm Not A Witch" O'Donnell when asked last night in the first Coons-O'Donnell debate whether or not she still believes that "evolution is a myth," something she proudly proclaimed on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" a dozen or so years ago. On that one statement Christine, you are correct. I'll take it a step further... YOU are irrelevant. I know, you're asking "so why all the media attention?"  The woman is in the neighborhood of 20 points behind Chris Coons, the man who showed last night that he will be [...]

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