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Quantity versus quality? What a waste of ill-gotten USD.

For a ‘political party’ that publicly disdains Free Stuff (like basic nutrition and shelter for the folk they happily let languish in poverty and Social Security earned by those who worked two or three jobs to get their families by), Republican presidential candidates are lining up for campaign lucre with vulgar dispatch.

And in vomitus variety and number. It appears that the loudest dog whistle of all for the Right Wing, is the one that alerts them to bags and bags of available campaign cash — to pawn their sorry, mortgaged souls for.

Here’s a list of potential 2016 Primary Probables (and Notionals) to keep the greedy Hopeful Cons straight.

  • Chris I Know Nothing Christie
  • Randy Paul
  • Squeaked Thru Scott Walker
  • Bush the Effing Third
  • Thirsty Mark Rubio
  • Puritan Pastor Huckabee
  • Not So Magic Mitt Romney
  • Dr. Seuss Scholar Ted Cruz
  • Donald Trump’s Wallet and Hair
  • Ricky Santorum,  Homophobery Whip
  • Dr. Ben Big Pharma Carson
  • Carly Demon Sheep Fiorina
  • Boy Scout Bobby Jindal
  • Nikki I’m a Woman(!) Haley

Since SCROTUS slapped us with the Citizens United excrement, PACs and High Repubble Rollers are breeding like bunnies and can absolutely flaunt their power and their cash.



As @GottaLaff said so well here at Radio or Not in a post at Laffy’s Place in October, let’s just call it bribery from Big Money. Dark Money.

[And I jacked her spot on graphics – tip o’ the hat to The Master.]

A morsel, but do link back for the whole Laffy post, just part of an LA Times quote she pulled to exemplify the evils of “Dark Money”:

Citizens United is “a magnification of the broken system where industries and interest groups have oversized weight — a whole new level of corruption of the system, but the same basic dynamics that were there before.”


The Kochs must be standing tall and harder than Vermont marble and sanz Viagra … it’s their time to legally screw 99% of America agin’.