Thursdays with Howie Klein on the Nicole Sandler Show 3-21-24

     Howie Klein of has done a weekly segment with me on this show for more than a dozen years now. We mostly talk politics, often music and occasionally other subjects too. And fairly regularly, Howie brings along a guest. It's usually one of the Blue America-endorsed candidates, but today's guest is slightly different. Steven Fulop is the Mayor of Jersey City. Tonight he'll deliver his 11th State of the City address. He's already announced his candidacy for NJ Governor; that election happens in November of 2025. So you might ask, "why today?". Well, that has to [...]

I Am Not a Bully or the Bridge(t) Gate Blame Game

For almost two hours today, NJ Bully Governor Chris Christie denied he had any involvement in the vindictive closure of multiple toll lanes leading on to the George Washington Bridge that resulted in massive traffic backups for four days in September 2013. He did, however, throw a number of his senior staffers under the bus (or off the bridge, as it were), and he played the victim. He can go cry crocodile tears with Frank Luntz.  Obviously, the Christie blame game (anyone but him) and his endless presser dominated today's show, which included Julianna Forlano's top five four excuses why [...]

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My Birthday Wish

  That's me... 53 years ago Sunday. My birthday often falls on election day. Ronald Reagan was elected on my 21st birthday. My first time in the voting booth, and I proudly voted for the candidate that lost. Barack Obama made history on my 49th birthday.  And this year, my big day comes two days before election day. People who regularly listen to my show and read this blog know that I always call things the way I see them.  Because of that, I've been attacked with pseudo-insults ever since by so-called liberals.  I've been called "emo-prog" and "firebagger" (whatever [...]

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