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It’s another busy day in radio land…

I just finished this morning’s show (which you can hear by clicking the player at the top of this post), and will shortly head up to Randi Rhodes‘ studio to guest host her show this afternoon.  As her former XM channel no longer exists, you can listen on any of her affiliate stations via the TuneIn Radio app on your smart phone or directly from randirhodes.com.

This morning on my show, I spoke with RH Reality Check‘s Adele Stan about how the Catholic Church is actively working with some members of Congress to keep women from getting contraceptives as part of their ACA benefits!  Read some of her writing on the subject here.    Addie will also join me on Randi’s show this afternoon.

On Tuesday mornings, I spend most of the second hour of the show with The Political Carnival‘s GottaLaff.  Today, she brought these stories:

GOP donors “horrified,” “appalled,” “frustrated,” “angered”

VIDEO: Martin Bashir demolishes Tea Partier Larry Klayman, who was out of his depth and mind.*

Oops! Rafael “Ted” Cruz failed to disclose financial ties to Caribbean-based company

How to avoid another #GOPshutdown

VIDEO: “A democracy of rich people”

Arnold Schwarzenegger might challenge foreign-born citizens law to try for presidential run in 2016

Of course, that’s not all we talked about…

And Talk Radio News Service sent correspondent Zack Baddorf over to Jordan to report on the situation in Syria.  Find some of his coverage at those two links.

This afternoon on The Randi Rhodes Show

As I mentioned earlier, Adele Stan will join us to talk about the GOP effort to rid you of your birth control.

And economist Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research will talk about how the Democrats should progress after the shutdown/debt ceiling standoff and more!  He gives some great advice in today’s Huffington Post and on his ‘Beat the Press’ blog.

And I’ll have lots of time for your calls at 866-977-2634, 3-6pm ET…