Thursday 10-6 Waiting for Hurricane Matthew Edition of What’s News?

Nicole Sandler lives in Coral Springs, FL, a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, just west of the city immortalized in films like "Where the Boys Are". Today, we're waiting for Hurricane Matthew, hoping he just blows by quickly. The latest on the storm and a few observations from 2016 central too, in today's edition of "What's News?"

My Birthday Wish

  That's me... 53 years ago Sunday. My birthday often falls on election day. Ronald Reagan was elected on my 21st birthday. My first time in the voting booth, and I proudly voted for the candidate that lost. Barack Obama made history on my 49th birthday.  And this year, my big day comes two days before election day. People who regularly listen to my show and read this blog know that I always call things the way I see them.  Because of that, I've been attacked with pseudo-insults ever since by so-called liberals.  I've been called "emo-prog" and "firebagger" (whatever [...]

The Scariest Halloween Ever

  It's Halloween, so I thought I'd assemble some really scary things for you to think about today (and leading up to election day on Tuesday). 1. In the wake of Sandy, let's remember Mitt Romney's big laugh line during his RNC speech: "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans...and to heal the planet...." He went on to say that it's immoral for the United States to take out loans to help fellow Americans. Really? I'd say it's immoral not to do anything and everything possible to help those in need, especially after a disaster [...]

After the Storm

If there is a silver lining on the giant Sandy cloud - and I'm not sure there is one - it's that now, perhaps, the powers that be will begin to take the reality of climate change seriously. Words fail me right now.  This morning, my friend Greg Basta joined me on the show to talk about the storm.  Greg was on with me last week to talk about the release of the Occupy the Boardroom book that's just been published.  Of course, I also asked him about his work with New York Communities for Change where he works as [...]


  Hurricane Sandy is now officially the biggest tropical cyclone in recorded history. As one who's lived through a few major hurricanes, obviously my thoughts and what passes for prayers in my world are with the millions of people in the path of the storm. That crazy image comes courtesy of my favorite weather source:  Dr. Jeff Masters has been a frequent guest on my show, but circumstances have him a bit too busy to come on today.  I will be checking his blog throughout today as I do both my show and Randi Rhodes' this afternoon. On my [...]

A Tale of Two Cities – With the Split Screen

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   There's your split screen image for today.  On the left, the photo tweeted by MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry with the description  Feeling sad. #Isaac took the home @JamesHPerry and I just bought. All safe. House was vacant except for my dreams. On the right is the scene in Tampa, where people bragged about praying the storm away.  Their party will continue tonight, as millions in the Gulf are fighting the elements to stay alive and keep what few possessions they have left. Today on the show, I gave an update [...]

Like a Hurricane

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window This is the most recent image coming from the National Weather Service of the Five-Day track and "cone of uncertainty" for Isaac, still a Tropical Storm, but expected to be at hurricane strength when it passes by Tampa late Monday into early Tuesday. As amused as I might be by the idea of the gathering of horrific Republicans getting washed out a bit, I don't wish a devastating hurricane on anyone.   And as the path takes it right over Haiti, I'm sickened for the people there. This morning [...]

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