The annual gathering of the online pinko/commie community is just about upon us – and I need it now more than ever.  Yes, I’m one disillusioned liberal.  Perhaps a few days of socializing and socialism is just what the Obamacare doctor ordered.

This morning, just to get pumped up for the conference, I spoke with Netroots Nation Director of Communications and Media, Mary Rickles.  If you’re following along from at home, you can check out this guide to the live streaming…  (or just come back, as I’ll have the live streams embedded here too).

In the second hour, I spoke with attorney and journalist Chase Madar – author of  The Passion of Bradley Manning  – about both Manning and Edward Snowden.  I’m sure this is a conversation I’ll be having with lots of people at Netroots Nation too…

Don’t forget — Jacob Dean is in for me tomorrow and Thursday mornings at our regular time.  I’ll broadcast live from Netroots Nation Thursday and Friday from 10-noon PACIFIC time/ 1-3pm ET…  Talk to you then!