Live from Netroots Nation 2013!

We found our way to San Jose, and will do the show at a special time today and tomorrow... 10-noon Pacific Time (1-3pm ET) - while Jacob Dean holds down the fort at our regular time. Be here for the live show, or come back for the podcasts any time.. And follow along at home with these live streams: Main player (Keynotes and Room 210 AE Panels) Room 210 BF Player Room 210 CG Player Room 210 DH Player Keynote schedule is here Room 210 AE schedule is here Room 210 BF schedule is here Room 210 CG schedule is [...]

San Jose Bound

The annual gathering of the online pinko/commie community is just about upon us - and I need it now more than ever.  Yes, I'm one disillusioned liberal.  Perhaps a few days of socializing and socialism is just what the Obamacare doctor ordered. This morning, just to get pumped up for the conference, I spoke with Netroots Nation Director of Communications and Media, Mary Rickles.  If you're following along from at home, you can check out this guide to the live streaming...  (or just come back, as I'll have the live streams embedded here too). In the second hour, I spoke [...]

Nicole Sandler Show on TuneIn

The Nicole Sandler Show is live weekday afternoons, 5-6 ET/ 2-3 PT.

Periscope On Air

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