6-10-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Our Surveillance State with Jason Leopold

Download here or click below to play   The House Judiciary Committee today held a hearing on racial profiling and police brutality. It's long past due. Senate Republicans have promised their own police reform legislation, though their original deadline of Friday to release their plan has been scrapped. On the other side of the issue is the Dept of Justice, who's fighting incoming on a number of fronts today, which I'll detail during the program. Today's guest is Jason Leopold, senior investigative reporter for Buzzfeed News, who broke the story last week that the DEA was given sweeping new authority [...]

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6-3-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. News Now U.S. surveillance sharply cut back McConnell messed up Hill: Relatives plead for Americans held in Iran FIFA: Blatter quits - U.S. closing in? House GOP: Cut State's cash over docs House Amtrak crash hearing: Drama Obama hammers Dems over trade FBI's mysterious surveillance flights Jindal: 2016 plans on [...]

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4-6-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Dick Pix Monday!

Today, Nicole talks Dick Pics with Emptywheel's Marcy Wheeler, thanks to John Oliver and his epic interview with John Oliver, talking NSA, domestic spying & the Patriot Act! Plus strategist and consultant Joel Silberman tells us about spending last week in Chicago working on the Chuy Garcia campaign for Mayor! And more news, info and snark...

The NSA Knows How You Voted

I actually have no idea whether or not the NSA knows how you voted, but I thought it was a clever way to put both the NSA and the fact that today is election day into one headline. It's an off-off election year, with a few important races.  Voters in NJ will prove that they're idiots by re-electing the big bully, Chris Christie, and voters in Virginia are faced with a choice between a despicable human being and a laughable one.  But laughter is better than disgust, so the people of VA will likely hold their noses and vote for [...]

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Stop Watching Us

The revelations keep on coming!  As thousands took to the streets in DC over the weekend, telling the administration and the NSA to stop watching us, we learned that - in addition to listening in on Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel's personal phone calls, the NSA monitored 60 million phone calls, texts and emails in Spain in one month! I played two videos on the show this morning, courtesy of StopWatching.US: There is no end in sight. Last night 60 Minutes devoted its opening segment to Benghazi. Talk about timing! I had already scheduled Ari Rabin-Havt for today's show. Ari is the morning [...]

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What’s Right With Congress?

If I asked "what's wrong with Congress?" we'd be here all summer.  It's easier to answer "what's right with Congress?"!  Alan Grayson! As I told him on the show this morning, I'd be far less optimistic about the future of this nation if he weren't in Congress fighting for us. According to Dave Weigel at  Slate, Grayson has gone from being the Congressman "formerly known as crazy" to "the most effective member of the House" and MSNBC agreed. What happened?  Grayson is working both sides of the aisle to get work done. “We’ve passed 31 amendments in committee so far,” [...]

Our Future Depends On You

That's the message I got from today's interview with Ray McGovern. Things are fucked up and only massive public protests and civil disobedience can turn this nation around.  Unfortunately, I think people are too busy just trying to survive themselves, with little energy left to help save the the USA. McGovern spent 27 years at the CIA, working for nine CIA directors. Primarily a substantive analyst and briefer, he nonetheless served in all four of CIA's main directorates and, during one of his postings abroad, helped manage a large covert action project. In January 2003, he co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for [...]

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San Jose Bound

The annual gathering of the online pinko/commie community is just about upon us - and I need it now more than ever.  Yes, I'm one disillusioned liberal.  Perhaps a few days of socializing and socialism is just what the Obamacare doctor ordered. This morning, just to get pumped up for the conference, I spoke with Netroots Nation Director of Communications and Media, Mary Rickles.  If you're following along from at home, you can check out this guide to the live streaming...  (or just come back, as I'll have the live streams embedded here too). In the second hour, I spoke [...]

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

So, we hoped for change... and got more of the same.  Though they tell us the difference is that it was illegal under Bush, but it's all legal under Obama. Somehow that doesn't comfort me when I realize that the only amendment left standing in the Bill of Rights is the Second, which has been widely misinterpreted to ignore the words "well regulated" and "militia". On today's show, I finished the week discussing all of the revelations, attacks, back-asswards reasoning from Obama supporters and fake indignation from his attackers on the right, lies and excuses and more with Absurdity Today's [...]

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