The Wisconsin State Senate breaks laws to break the unions

and the US House of Representatives goes on an Islamic witch hunt.

It’s a mad world.

A few tweets that underscore my point:

“The Republican Party has come for my job, my union, my wife’s uterus, my art and my radio station.”

FL is in trouble. We’ll be a Mariana Island dotted with sweatshops & tent revivals b4 Rick Scott & Company are done.

Per union leader Ed Sadlowski “Cops just dragged out a 15 year old girl from Assembly Chamber. She is totally distraught.”

Gov. Walker reminds you that Teachers’ Collective Bargaining hurts a budget deficit but Tax Cuts for Millionaires don’t.

Minnesota bill makes stem cell research a felony

And you get the idea. It’s a mad world.

There is some sanity. You can watch a live stream of the scene outside the Wisconsin capital in Madison, courtesy of The Uptake.

This morning, I invited a couple of friends to discuss the madness.  Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny and comedian John Fugelsang.

One huge issue that’s been virtually absent from all discussion and debate about the budgetary crises we’re suffering around the country are the wars we’re waging around the world. Despite what we’re told by the administration, we’re still actively engaged in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan continues to rage.  The costs are enormous, both in treasure and lives.  If we stopped the wars and brought our soldiers and dollars back home, and made the wealthy and the corporations pay their fair share of taxes, we could likely solve all of our fiscal issues.

This morning, Derrick Crowe of Rethink Afghanistan joined in to tell us about Rethink the Cost, a worldwide Meetup day happening this Saturday.

Let’s end the wars – in Iraq & Afghanistan, on the poor and working class, and on women’s rights. Let’s end the madness!