Pizza, Prayers and Possible Peace?

Nicole discusses the onslaught of Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation - and the problems when a business owner stands up for bigotry with former evangelical "first son" Frank Schaeffer. Politico's Marc Caputo tells us about Sen. Menendez' indictment on corruption charges, and his Florida connection. And She's History's Amy Simon joins in too! Plus more news and commentary.

3-3-15 Nicole Sandler Show – From ALEC to Atheists

Today, Nicole talks with Lisa Graves of the Center for Media & Democracy (ALEC Exposed & more) about the bipartisan coalition on criminal justice reform and whether ALEC, the Kochs, etc can be trusted. Plus David Silverman, president of American Atheists on this week's convention and the controversy surrounding it.

“I’ll simply start a new religion against discrimination in order to get an exemption.”

Why in the world should bigots have any legal right to discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs? These are beliefs, nothing more. Feel free to believe anything you want-- in private-- but nobody should be able to justify bigotry in the name of religion. What kind of god do these people believe in that allows them to enforce their holier-than-thou brand of injustice on their fellow human beings? Whatever happened to "do unto others"? Whatever happened to civil rights and equality? Oh yeah, this is America. What am I thinking? The letters below nail it. The second one makes me want [...]

Homegrown Female Genital Mutilation In the U.S. Skyrockets

    This is a number that should induce massive gender-neutral outrage. According to draft statistics in a CDC study released to The Guardian and offered at Raw Story for our communal horror, the reported amount of women and girls mutilated and [surviving] victims of FGM in America has shot up from 168,000 to 513,000. The population of my native state of Vermont is less than that without the seasonal flocks of second-homers. From the article, an excerpt on why the timing is so meaningful. And the facts so in need of noting and acting on. Post outrage. New figures [...]

White House Falters and Admittedly Fouls, Hebdo Continues

Eric Holder was taping effing Red Meat Meet the Press during the Unitè rally in Paris this past Sunday ... blocks away from the surrounding streams of over 3 million people and an arms-linked impressive front line of world leaders. I was embarrassed and critical of President Obama's decision not to attend or delegate Joe Biden to France with due dispatch. I agreed with Nicole's opinions on air and in her spot on blog yesterday, link here. And as the talking heads seem to agree upon, this is rather the raison d'être for Veeps lurking around. Today I am outraged. [...]

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1-9-15 Art & Music vs the Madness

Nicole reflects on our very bad week and the effect that art can have - for good or for bad. Today's guests are award-winning editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins (Tom Tomorrow), and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame two time inductee Graham Nash. And a bonus Flashback Friday segment from 1999 with Lucinda Williams.

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1-8-15 The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Nicole continues the discussion around yesterday's attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris with reaction from all sides. Russ Baker of is covering the Boston Bombing trial in Boston, and She's History's Amy Simon is back to tell us about the late Bess Myerson.

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1-7-15 Nicole Sandler Show – The More Things Change….

Nicole talks about the changes the marked the start of the 114th Congress, while all around us the world seems to be falling apart. Sherry Hardy-Howarth updates us on the shooting attack in Paris, Susie Madrak weighs in on Chris Christie's latest faux pas, and Marc Krupanski joins in discussion of our police problems.

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