Tom Tomorrow

David Crosby & Graham Nash at Occupy Wall Street 2011

David Crosby & Graham Nash at Occupy Wall Street 2011

On Friday mornings, we try to segue into the weekend with a musical blast from the past, drawing from my archive of interviews with musical artists from my music radio days. Today, we did it real time as I spoke with Graham Nash about his music, activism and his new book Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life.

I ended the show with a 1999 session with Lucinda Williams…

But we began with the mess in Paris, as the two gunmen who murdered 12 people on Wednesday at the Charlie Hebdo offices were cornered in a print shop with at least one hostage. Another standoff was happening a few miles away at a Kosher supermarket, where the gunman who shot and killed a Parisian police officer yesterday was also holding hostages. By the time the show ended, the terrorists had been killed and most of the hostages freed.

I was honored that Dan Perkins, better known as the editorial cartoonist Tom Tomorrow – creator of This Modern World – joined me to talk about the murders of the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo.

At times like this, we need more creative voices speaking out against the madness.