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Somewhere between 1 and 3.7 million people took to the streets of Paris yesterday in a solidarity march. Forty of the world’s leaders linked arms, including hypocrites from Saudi Arabia and other nations that wouldn’t know freedom if it bit them on the ass, were there going through the motions.

Sadly, the American geniuses who were in charge of determining who should represent us figured that some unknown Ambassador who was only appointed to that position because she raised a lot of money for Obama’s campaign was good enough.

Forget the fact that Joe Biden was home watching football, or that John Kerry was in India (not too far away), or that Eric Holder WAS IN PARIS…. The picture that the world saw was a world solidified against terror, minus the United States. Absurd.

In other absurd news,

The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to a lover while he was director of the C.I.A., officials said, and leaving Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison.

The Justice Department investigation stems from an affair Mr. Petraeus had with Paula Broadwell, an Army Reserve officer who was writing his biography, and focuses on whether he gave her access to his C.I.A. email account and other highly classified information.

F.B.I. agents discovered classified documents on her computer after Mr. Petraeus resigned from the C.I.A. in 2012 when the affair became public.

Mr. Petraeus, a retired four-star general who served as commander of American forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has said he never provided classified information to Ms. Broadwell, and has indicated to the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal that would spare him an embarrassing trial. A lawyer for Mr. Petraeus, Robert B. Barnett, said Friday he had no comment.

If that’s not enough absurdity for you, how about this?

George Zimmerman, the notorious Florida defendant acquitted for shooting dead 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was arrested Friday for assault and domestic violence. It’s at least the fourth time Zimmerman has been accused of violence since the Martin case ended in 2012.

But the most patently absurd story of the day crossed my screen after today’s show ended. I said this morning than instead of honoring the 40 or so world leaders who marched in Paris, the person who should be getting the hero treatment is Lassana Bathily. 

Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee of the Paris kosher supermarket held up by a terrorist yesterday, is being hailed as a hero after he saved numerous customers from being kept hostage.

The terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly, had taken the market hostage and threatened to kill everyone inside if the police took action against Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two brothers suspected of theCharlie Hebdo massacre. The Kouachis were eventually killed in a separate raid.

When Coulibaly began opening fire in the market, customers started rushed into the basement along with Bathily, who suddenly had an idea and began herding people into a giant walk-in freezer. “I turned off the light, I turned off the freezer,” he told BFMTV. As he locked the door from the outside, he told them: “Stay calm here. I’m going out.”

He later checked in on the survivors in the fridge, who said they were cold but otherwise doing well. “We’ll open a bottle of wine here, there are plenty,” someone in the fridge joked. Police soon raided the supermarket and killed Coulibaly, eventually releasing the freezer hostages.

“They congratulated me,” Bathily said.

Apparently, it wasn’t quite that simple according to the Washington Post, who tells us that Bathily was held in handcuffs for over 90 minutes before he could convince the cops that he was one of the good guys and that the people he saved were locked inside a freezer in the basement!

The shop was barricaded with metal blinds, and Coulibaly bragged to cops he had already killed four people and was planning on shooting more. So Bathily came up with a plan. He said they could get out through a fire escape to speak to police. According to Bathily, he asked others to come with him, but they declined, worried the gunman would hear them.

Bathily slipped out of the basement and walked out of the building to meet police, who initially thought he was perhaps an accomplice. They ordered him to lie down and put his hands behind his head.

Bathily spent the next 90 minutes in cuffs before he managed to convince authorities he was who he said he was. He told the cops he wasn’t alone. There were more than a dozen other hostages locked inside the store’s freezer. And what’s more, he said, he had something that could help French forces break into the kosher mart: a key to unlock the supermarket’s metal blinds. That key and information about the store’s layout he provided to police would prove invaluable, police officials told the Associated Press. They could barge through the market’s front door without putting the hostages in more danger, he told them.

And that’s exactly what the police did, soon killing the gunman.

So, remember his name: Lassana BathilyLassana BathilyLassana Bathily.

Lassana Bathily - actual living, breathing, HERO

Lassana Bathily – actual living, breathing, HERO

This morning, I spoke with retired US Air Force Col. Morris Davis, who served as Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay from 2005-07 and comedian/host of The Julianna Forlano Show and Absurdity Today, Julianna Forlano about all of the above and then some…

Tomorrow, a chat with the Ethical Hacker (as today, the Centcomm accounts have been hacked by the bad guys)… and the return of the Gliberal Goddesses too… radio or not!