Memo to Team Trump: “Don’t make comparisons to Nazi Germany”

Donald Trump Jr. made a deplorable statement today. The immediate backlash was deafening. Here's an example: Everybody knows to what @DonaldJTrumpJr was referring when he mentioned ‘a gas chamber,’ and there’s only one word for it: deplorable. — Eliot Engel (@RepEliotEngel) September 15, 2016 Well, apparently not everybody: @GottaLaff why? It wasn't that long ago the state used gas chambers to kill the condemned. But that doesn't fit the spin? — Mary (@ScribbledPink) September 15, 2016 @GottaLaff @BreakingNews Death penalty only for Jews? Didn't know ?? Educate yrslf/get serious — Deplorable Eyes? ? (@Birdseyeview_8P) September 15, 2016 @GottaLaff only uptight [...]

2-17-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Guns, God & Government

We're back up on YouTube today! Nicole welcomes Deborah Newell back for another edition of Oy Floriduh. Fred Clarkson has been analyzing the Religious Right for over 30 years, and just published a new study on The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right. Plus we're feeling the bern!

9-28-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Popes, Pigs and Politics

Nicole Sandler returns to kick off a new week with Joel Silberman on crazy politics, Jonathan Tasini wrote a book about Bernie Sanders, the Pope tackles sexual abuse in the church, Boehner cries and lots more Monday madness...

9-25-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Popes & Tears

The US is still in the midst of Pope fever. Today, our regular Fri morning guest Julianna Forlano is instead in Central Park, hoping to get a Pontiff glimpse. That's OK. Congressman and Senate candidate Alan Grayson will fill in! Plus, the other Joel Silberman. Really. And for Flashback Friday, we end the week by going back to 2001 with Ryan Adams!

The Great Trump Dumpster

Via The San Diego Union Tribune   "It's the Summer of Trump!", barked the small mouth in the tier below the Hair System of the Donald. [It has Staff, Mark Halperin was recently spotted bribing them with State Fair discount coo-puns.] At least that's what THEY say. Donald is either a closeted and devoted polytheist or has a constant Judgmental Cadre of Trump! experts in his earpiece. Which, yes, is most definitely wired into the-absolutely-greatest-on-earth-the-BEST Hair System. Only Losers rely on Bluetooth. And have contractual obligations to 'God'. After giving free helicopter rides to GOP kidlets in Iowa [...]

4-15-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Taxes, Religion & the TPP

On Tax Day, Nicole Sandler speaks with Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church & State about RFRA laws and religious tax evasion. Dave Johnson joins in from with the latest on the TPP and Fast Track Authority.

4-3-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Iran Deal, Chicago Mayor & Joni Mitchell too!

Today, Nicole discussed the historic nuclear deal announced with Iran yesterday, and called a Tehran hotel to speak with an Iranian citizen about it. A fake congressman and real Chicago teacher joins in to talk about Chuy Garcia for Mayor. And for Flashback Friday, Nicole pulls out her 1998 interview with the one and only Joni Mitchell!

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