**Post updated with tonight’s show’s audio. Click above to listen!**

I do a live program here at Radio or Not Monday through Thursday from 6-8pm ET.  I usually take Fridays off to take care of all the personal stuff I neglect during the week… But tomorrow, I will be working, as I once again guest host the Randi Rhodes Show.

You’ll be able to watch the ustream feed here as usual, but to listen to the audio stream, head over to RandiRhodes.com or stream from one of her affiliate stations.

More on that later…

As for tonight, we’ve got an interesting show planned.  We’ll start with a conversation with Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, who’ll explain what’s in the new so-called “climate bill” introduced yesterday by Sens. John Kerry & Joe Lieberman.

Journalist and pro-Palestinian activist Jeffrey Blankfort wrote a piece earlier this week for CounterPunch entitled “The Last Democratic Primary Worth Watching,” about the Marcy Winograd primary challenge to Blue Dog Jane Harman in California. Jeffery will join us tonight to talk about that race, and explain where both candidates come down on the Israeli issue.

We’ll get our nightly report from the Talk Radio News Service.

And to end the week, a visit from singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, who’s working on “Camp Kappawanna,” a new children’s musical inspired by her latest cd “Camp Lisa” opening here in Miami at the Arsht Center as part of their Summer Shorts series next month.

And don’t forget… I’ll be filling in for Randi Rhodes tomorrow, 3-6pm ET, with comedian John Fugelsang – just back from Haiti, and two Democratic primary contenders: Marcy Winograd, who’s challenging Blue Dog incumbent Jane Harman, and Congressman Joe Sestak, who’s running against Republican turned Democrat incumbent Senator Arlen Specter.