Wednesdays are always fun for me, because we start the show with a visit from Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress. I’ve never met Christy in person, but became a fan of hers during the early days of Air America where she was a frequent guest on the Al Franken Show.

Last year, when I was doing nights on Air America, I contacted Christy and asked if she’d do a similar segment with me.. and we’ve been doing it ever since.  She brings great insight and lots of news stories to talk about that we other wise might have missed… And her project, MicCheckRadio is one of the sites I visit every day!

It’s a very busy show tonight… so here’s a glimpse at who else will be joining me…

Philip Smith is editor of the Drug War Chronicle at He’ll join me to discuss President Obama’s first national drug policy, released earlier this week, and detailed in the piece, “Obama’s First National Drug Stragy — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

In hour two, we’ll get a report on the day’s news from the Talk Radio News Service…

Then we’ll check in with Norman Solomon, nationally syndicated columnist and author of numerous books including his latest, “Made Love, Got War.”  Norman also serves as national co-chair of PDA’s  Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign.  He’ll join me tonight to talk about a piece he wrote for Common Dreams earlier this week, “Kagan in Context: Shifting Progressive Values.”

And we’ll close out the show with Brandon Thorpe & Penn Bullock, the two reporters for Miami New Times who broke the story about George Rekers and his luggage carrier.  Read their coverage here and the follow-up story here.