Not a skit, our actual Congress, gaa! Maddow

A few days ago, I posted this: “It’s starting to look like an Iraq War.” Where’s Congress?

Rachel Maddow picked up where that left off. She was reporting on the Senate’s passage of expanding the training of Syrian rebels. Then she got a little sidetracked, and for good reason. VERY good reason:

And in completely unrelated news, the United States military continues to wage a war against ISIS… Congress has yet to say anything about that use of force by the U.S. military in Iraq, let alone the 1600 American troops that have been deployed back to Iraq to take part in that fight. Congress hasn’t weighed in on that at all. 

And then today, they left! The House announced today, “Surprise!” They’re calling in sick for the next two months… To be clear, they just took five weeks off…

Your tax dollars at work, folks. They won’t be back at work until “after they’ve run for re-election in November, plus another week after that.”

They’ve worked a “grand total of two four-day weeks… because it’s not like there’s anything going on that they’d be interested in right?”

And we’re still paying them.


Congress recess Rachel Maddow Show 2

Watch as Maddow knocked it out of the park… again:

There’s a reason the American public finds this Congress repellent.

There’s a reason this Congress has the lowest approval ratings in the history of Congress and in the history of the spectrum of all major institutions in our country.

There’s a reason Congress, this Congress, repulses the people of the United States.

But a decision like this today stretches the bounds of even the lowest standards of decency that they have sunk to already.


 Here is the entire segment:

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