media bias meet the right

For years I’ve chronicled media bias, concentrating mostly on the Sunday talk shows, or as I’ve been calling it, John McCain Sunday. Let’s put it another way: Librul media, my ass. To state the obvious, more often than not, the Sunday talkers (along with other shows) are monopolized by conservatives, Republican lawmakers, and right-leaning (laughably dubbed “centrists”) Dems (ConservaDems). Harold Ford comes to mind. I wish he wouldn’t.

Now confirmation of my own reporting comes from the New York Times’ “The Upshot.” Take it away, NYT:

The parade of politicians on the Sunday morning talk shows veers to the right, not the left.

Conservative members of the current Congress have appeared more often on the network talk shows than their liberal counterparts. Senators and representatives from the conservative end of the ideological spectrum have made 57 percent of the appearances, compared with 42 percent for liberals, according to an Upshot analysis of data collected by American University.

This slightly lopsided distribution is primarily the result of three Republican senators’ frequent visits to the network shows: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

[…] When the Sunday shows have turned to former members of Congress, the same ideological pattern emerges: Conservatives have made 56 percent of the appearances, compared with 41 percent for liberals.

no surprise

Those numbers parallel my own simplistic scoreboards. Every Saturday, the Los Angeles Times previews the weekend shows, and every Saturday, I do a head count. More often than not— way more often than not— the righties outnumber the lefties.

To compound the “slightly lopsided” (seriously?) campaigns waged by very lopsided GOP politicians are the hosts who don’t seem to have developed adequate journalistic skills enough to ask follow-up questions of their mostly conservative guests. What we end up with is right wing propaganda passing as “news.”

So there it is, America. Your liberal media at work.

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