9-18-23 Nicole’s Moving Show #1 – Heather Cox Richardson and Rev. Dr. William Barber

This show will go live on Monday 9/18/23 at 5pm ET   View on Zencastr I'm moving! So today begins a series of Best Of interviews from throughout the years. Some special shows are coming up over the next few weeks. We kick things off with a brand new interview, never before aired, with HEATHER COX RICHARDSON, historian and author of the new book DEMOCRACY AWAKENING: NOTES ON THE STATE OF AMERICA.   The book is officially out next Tues, 9/26, but you can and should pre-order it now! In the time left, we go back to 2014 for my sit-down [...]

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8-3-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Another Test Day

  I was out today, having an EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound), which was every bit as uncomfortable as you'd image looking at the graphic above. So instead of a live show, I put together an abbreviated Best Of today... First up, some words of wisdom from the Rev. Dr. William Barber. After his rousing speech at the DNC, we pulled out the interview Nicole did with Dr. Barber at Netroots Nation in Detroit in 2014. And with the Olympics opening ceremonies happening Friday night, we thought this was a good day to listen back to Nicole's conversation with Jules Boykoff, author [...]

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8-12-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Forward Together

As the racial divide in this nation (and even among Dems) seems to be growing, I thought today was a good time to pull out a speech from Rev. Dr. William Barber. I spoke with him and about him often last year, after getting to see him speak a few times. We need a good dose of Barber-isms, so get ready. Also, Ted Rall with an update on his run-in with the LAPD that got him fired from the LA Times!

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Rise Above the Snake Line

After the past two weeks in Ferguson, we could really use an event to focus on morality, equality, rights and bringing people together. North Carolina has just what the doctor ordered, as today kicks off the Moral Week of Action. If you can't make it to Raleigh, as sadly I can't, you can watch the live stream each afternoon by clicking here. And if you're still wondering what the snake line is, just listen to the man who founded the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina, Rev. Dr. William Barber from the speech he delivered at Netroots Nation last month in [...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

OK, it wasn't a vacation, but I spent the last few days with members of the American Federation of Teachers. at their bi-annual convention here in Los Angeles. I had no idea the American Federation of Teachers represented so many of the people whose work is in helping others until I arrived on Friday. But I sat in the opening session, with the powerful Rev. Dr. William Barber (more about him in a moment) and the electric president of the AFT Randi Weingarten, and saw a huge contingent of nurses waving their flags. I learned that the AFT, whose numbers [...]

Saturday Afternoon Live from #AFT14

***Late afternoon update What a day! We had a wonderful show, with lots of AFT members, delegates and activists. The podcast audio is now posted above; just click the player to listen. The show will also stream in a loop tomorrow on the Radio or Not audio stream until Monday morning, when we'll do one more live show from the convention.*** Yesterday was a busy day here at the American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles. From an inspirational, fiery and fierce speech from Moral Mondays' founder Reverend Dr. William Barber, to the always amazing AFT President Randi Weingarten's [...]

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