5-23-16 Quick Morning News

 Victoria Jones created and edits Quick Morning News. She is chief White House correspondent with Washington DC-based Talk Media News, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. Quick NewsObama lifts arms ban on VietnamPolls: Clinton-Trump = squeaky closeTrump: Arm the teachersClinton: Trump candidacy not "normal"Pakistan: US violated sovereignty with drone strikeHealth chief: Zika in US next "month or so"Obama Lifts US Arms Ban on Vietnam (AP, AP, Reuters,  AP, me)• President Obama today lifted a decades-old arms embargo for Vietnam during his first visit to the communist country, looking to [...]

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1-25-16 Nicole Sandler Show – One Week Till Iowa

Nicole kicks off a new week with a busy Monday show. In hour one, Joel Silberman helps recap the Sunday shows and the latest from the contenders one week before the Iowa caucuses. Journalist/radio station owner Jim Bleikamp weighs in from Maine. And Nicole reaches out to Pakistani journalist Kaswar Klasra to discuss the mass shooting there last week.

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Cuban Surprise

Nicole talks about the end of the 113th Congress and the rest of the news. Susie Madrak tells us about how one of the big witnesses in the Ferguson Grand Jury made it all up. And Pakistani journalist Kaswar Klasra checks in from Islamabad, where the nation is observing a three day mourning period after yesterday's school massacre left 143 dead. And breaking news about the normalization of US-Cuba relations!

12-17-14 News Notes

  In the News Senate turns out lights - buh bye Cruz confirmations School massacre: Pakistan mourns Sydney siege: Questions Did VA "mislead Congress" about wait time scandal? Sony hackers threaten violence Jeb Bush "actively" exploring 2016 Obama to sign Russia sanctions bill Kerry juggling UN resolutions Judge rules against Obama immigration executive actions   Senate Turns Out the Lights - Buh Bye • The Senate Tuesday finished its final session of the year by confirming Sarah Saldana, a federal prosecutor, as director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and Anthony Blinken, to be deputy secretary of state. Neither [...]

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What’s New Pussycat?

I always say we need some comic relief on the show - and we didn't have to go very far. In fact, the actual comedy from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was even better than the comic sendoff of his lunacy from SNL... See for yourself: Via SNL The Real Thing I'll take truth over fiction any day. Although sometimes, the truth just simply sucks. Today, I spoke with my favorite Congressman Alan Grayson about some issues he's been quite candid about: the TPP, Drone strikes in Pakistan, the NSA spying program and the attacks on Glenn Greenwald and other journalists, [...]

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On Sensata, Malala and the Fools on the Hill

  If you've noticed that #Sensata is trending on Twitter today, it's certainly not because the media is all over it. The mainstream, corporate media, that is.  Shows and alternative media (like mine) are talking about the Bain-run company that's moving its Freeport, IL factory to China and forcing its soon-to-be-former employees to train their replacements. My friend Dave Johnson has written about it extensively at the Campaign for America's Future, but here's an excerpt: If you are hearing about a company named Sensata, here is the story. Right now this company is moving equipment out of a factory in [...]

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The Thursday Nicole Sandler Show

Not much time for a lengthy commentary today, so I'll let today's program speak for me... We started with a replay of yesterday's crazy interview with Adam Kokesh, who got arrested last weekend for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.  What I thought would be an interesting conversation about police abuse of power, but quickly degenerated as he showed the absurdity of the libertarian ideology of government is bad. I reached out to Pakistan to chat with journalist Kaswar Klasra about the recent murder of an investigative journalist.  Unfortunately, even though he speaks very good English, it's still tough to understand [...]

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Connecting with a Pakistani

You might remember during the Egyptian revolution, I called and spoke to a number of regular Egyptians - from hotel clerks, to Marwa Rakha, a woman who dispenses relationship advice online (and just gave birth to her son, Adam. on May 3 - a great day to have a kid.  It happens to be both my daughter's and my mother's birthday too!). Today, I reached out to Kaswar Klasra, a young man born and raised in Pakistan, he works as a journalist for The Nation (Pakistan).  Although it's difficult at times to understand what he's saying due to his accent, [...]

Wars, Lies, and Videotape

***Update added -- scroll down*** The only thing missing was the sex.  We learned a few things this week: War is NOT the way to combat terrorism. You can take out a terrorist with trained soldiers, and don't have to drop a single bomb in innocent civilians. The so-called Tea Party believes that only they are entitled to speak freely; the rest of us are only allowed to agree with them, or remain silent. Ft. Lauderdale Police and Broward County Sheriff's deputies LIE incessantly The idea of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a myth in the United [...]

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