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Not much time for a lengthy commentary today, so I'll let today's program speak for me... We started with a replay of yesterday's crazy interview with Adam Kokesh, who got arrested last weekend for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.  What I thought would be an interesting conversation about police abuse of power, but quickly degenerated as he showed the absurdity of the libertarian ideology of government is bad. I reached out to Pakistan to chat with journalist Kaswar Klasra about the recent murder of an investigative journalist.  Unfortunately, even though he speaks very good English, it's still tough to understand [...]

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Right Wing Sex and Crazy too

Sometimes things aren't as they appear.  Today's show contains proof of that... But I start with the hypocrisy from the right.  I've long had a theory about the GOP living in some sort of Opposite World or, if you will, their own private Idaho.  The people who preach about shrinking government until its so small it cannot do anything yet want to legislate what you can and can't do with your body, and want to ignore the constitution's directive of separation of church and state. In fact, a prime example comes courtesy of Sen. Rand Paul - a supposed supporter of [...]

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