I always say we need some comic relief on the show – and we didn’t have to go very far. In fact, the actual comedy from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was even better than the comic sendoff of his lunacy from SNL… See for yourself:


The Real Thing

I’ll take truth over fiction any day.

Although sometimes, the truth just simply sucks. Today, I spoke with my favorite Congressman Alan Grayson about some issues he’s been quite candid about: the TPP, Drone strikes in Pakistan, the NSA spying program and the attacks on Glenn Greenwald and other journalists, the Affordable Care Act, and the general sense that this country is beyond repair. (He seems to think we’re not past the point of no return – but I think that we need about 434 more of him in Congress!)

And Nicole Belle joined in with her take on the Sunday talking head shows.  For today’s Fools on the Hill™ segment, she brought us this:

It came out a few years ago that there was a think tank who would fax to all the GOP pundits their talking points for the Sunday shows every week, which explained why they all said the same things no matter which shows you watched. It was brilliant message discipline, if a bit suspicious if, like me, you watch more than one show on Sundays.

But it appears to me that it’s not just conservative pundits on those lists any more.  It looks like the media themselves are also on those lists and are either too stupid, too lazy or too compromised to do the critical thinking necessary to figure out that they’re as transparent as their GOP guests.

Listen to Martha Raddatz clearly overcompensate for past accusations of liberal media bias as she talks to Kirsten Gillibrand and demand that she acknowledge how untrustworthy President Obama is.

Candy Crowley took the untrustworthy meme and ran with it as well, suggesting to her guests, Sen. John Barrasso and Rep. James Clyburn, that he may be in a hole he can’t get out of and it will prevent anything else from being passed. Because, you know, the GOP has been so cooperative with him up to this point.

After the fawning interview of Chris Christie earlier in the month, setting up his 2016 run, Jonathan Karl gave Scott Walker the same treatment this Sunday.  He teed up a nice little softball for him, allowing Walker to tell him that for as big a fan as he is of Paul Ryan, he doesn’t think that the 2016 GOP presidential candidate should be a Washington insider or from Congress, but a conservative governor.  Gosh, who could he be talking about?

You know what destroyed Blackwater?  Those cold, timid souls who protested the Iraq War.  No, seriously, that’s what Erik Prince thinks.

Chris Wallace marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK by insisting that JFK was actually “quite conservative.”