one week left



We’re just one week away from the beginning of voting! The Iowa Caucuses happen one week from today. And tonight, the Democratic candidates get to make their closing arguments in a CNN “town hall” forum, beginning at 9pm ET. Bernie Sanders is up first, so tune in early!

This morning, Joel Silberman joined me to talk about the campaigns, silly season, and how this election cycle is unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

I reached out to my old friend Jim Bleikamp to weigh in from Maine, where he is the owner/operator of Radio 9 WCME. He went to college and began his radio career in Iowa, so we chatted about the politics of the first in the nation caucus station and more.

And finally, we reached across the world to Pakistan to talk with India Today TV Pakistan correspondent Kaswar Klasra about the mass shooting at one of their universities last week, and learned we have a lot more in common with the people of Pakistan than our leaders will admit.

Tomorrow, Ted Rall returns to tell us about his new  book, Bernie …and it’s @GottaLaff Tuesday too, radioornot!