Not much time for a lengthy commentary today, so I’ll let today’s program speak for me…

We started with a replay of yesterday’s crazy interview with Adam Kokesh, who got arrested last weekend for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.  What I thought would be an interesting conversation about police abuse of power, but quickly degenerated as he showed the absurdity of the libertarian ideology of government is bad.

I reached out to Pakistan to chat with journalist Kaswar Klasra about the recent murder of an investigative journalist.  Unfortunately, even though he speaks very good English, it’s still tough to understand him through his thick accent.  But I think it’s important to try to keep the lines of communication open between citizens.   Click here to read a recent piece of his on the spate of murders of Pakistani journalists.

Deborah Newell Tornello is an email buddy of mine, and a Florida-based blogger. While talking about the Anthony Weiner story (that shouldn’t be a story, but is), she emailed this fascinating commentary:

In the last couple of hours two different gay male friends emailed me with the same sentiment re: the “cannot say with certitude” comment. To paraphrase them, they said they would know damned well if they were looking at a photo of a well-known member in good standing, as opposed to just some dick they’d never met before.

A question: have any women reps or senators or governors or presidential candidates ever been in trouble for sending photos of their ladybits to Twitter followers? Or had their parents pay off a lover to keep him quiet only to have it all explode in the media anyway? Or fucked around on a husband while he was struggling with chemo and conceived a child with the lover and then tried to buy his silence with a nice house? Or hell, fucked around on a husband, conceived a child with the lover, then served as governor, and then admitted to the out-of-wedlock sex and child several years later?

I don’t think this is a partisan issue as much as it is a gender-based one. Maybe it’s because we women have had to fight so bloody hard for the right to make 70 cents on the dollar while dancing backwards in high heels all this time, and we are just not about to risk it all for a few moments of pleasure*; maybe we women are just slightly less impulsive and slightly more worried about what people might think (that need for approval again); who knows. One thing is certain, though, and I say this as the lone female in a house full of boys and men, all of whom I love very much: some of you gentlemen need to exert a smidgen more control over those things. Just a smidgen. And if you’re an elected official, two or three smidgens more.

Meanwhile, stay away from these buildings:

Great points…

And we ended the show as we end most Thursday mornings (and my broadcast week), talking about the week’s news with comedian John Fugelsang.

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