Everybody Knows

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded  Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed  Everybody knows that the war is over  Everybody knows the good guys lost  Everybody knows the fight was fixed  The poor stay poor, the rich get rich  That's how it goes  Everybody knows --Leonard Cohen I'm a bit confused.  But everything today seems to be inside out and backwards... we are firmly in opposite world again (not that we ever left). My twitter stream is overflowing with so-called progressives excoriating Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on the ever-growing intrusive surveillance of Americans - because, well, he [...]

The Surveillance State

It was a rough weekend all around.  As I was tending to my dying dog Pooh Bear, we learned the identity of the person who leaked information about the NSA/Verizon data, the PRISM program and lots more. Meet Edward Snowden, interviewed by The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald and filmed by Laura Poitras: The Guardian released the video along with this profile, and this abbreviated text Q&A as the praise and criticism began coming from all directions. Once I came up for air last night, I headed over to Digby's blog to get some well-reasoned analysis, as usual.  I suggest you read everything from [...]

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